Dr. Geoffrey Wright
Chairman and President of NeuroSonics, Inc.

Dr. Wright is a composer, performer, researcher, and entrepreneur who holds numerous patents for brain-computer interfaces used to control and communicate with computers in highly expressive ways.

Dr. Wright also directs the Computer Music Department at the Peabody Institute/Johns Hopkins University where he directs the Computer Music Consort (a professional Digital Arts Performing Ensemble) and the Combined Laboratory for Auditory Interdisciplinary Research (CLAIR). His compositions for various media (including orchestral and chamber music as well as computer music, dance and multimedia) have been performed in the US, Europe, and Asia. He has received numerous grants and awards, and is listed in Who's Who in American Music. His research Interests include human psychological and physiological perception of sound and music, and the application of related findings to composition and performance.

Edmund Pirali
Vice President of Research

Mr. Pirali is co-founder and vice-president of Intelligent Devices, Inc. Intelligent Devices is an award winning software company specializing in audio processing software for the high-end digital audio workstation market. Intelligent Devices products include the AD-1 Pro Audio Analyzer, I.Q. frequency domain adaptive equalizer, Speech Extraction System (a high-end noise removal system) and the PARIS Digital Audio Workstation software for the Emu/Ensoniq PARIS system. AD-1 Pro Audio Analyzer won the Editors Choice Award (1997) from Electronic Musician magazine.

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