NeuroSonics, Inc. has developed two patented technologies, both based on capturing and analyzing brain waves through an EEG attachment to a user.

The NeuroSonics’ Brain Generated Music™ (BGM™) technology is a brain wave biofeedback system capable of evoking the "relaxation response", a desirable state of deep relaxation.

NeuroSonics has also developed the Motionless Communications Controller™ (MCC™) technology which enables a person to communicate with a computer by simply gazing at selected patterns on the screen. Two applications of this technology are (1) Motionless Game Controller™ (MaGiC™) that would enable a user to interact with and control a video game through recognition of their "thoughts" (or at least through their directed attention on the screen) and (2) a Communication and Computer Input Device™ (CID™) for the physically disabled.

NeuroSonics' patented brain wave technologies are the key to our projected success. The past three decades were marked by the spectacular proliferation and commercial success of computers in our society. Many feel the 1990s and beyond will be marked by new advances in our understanding of the brain, and how mankind interfaces with computers and machines. NeuroSonics is poised to be both a research and commercial leader in the coming decades.



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