NeuroSonics’ Motionless Communications Controller™ (MCC™) technology enables a person to communicate with a computer by simply gazing at selected flashing patterns on the screen.

Two applications of this technology are (1) Motionless Game Controller™ (MaGiC™) that would enable a user to interact with and control a video game through recognition of their "thoughts" (or at least through their directed attention on the screen) and (2) a Communication and Computer Input Device™ (CID™) for the physically disabled.

MCC is a method of extracting recognizable signals from an individual's brain wave response to a controlled visual stimulus. For example, when presented with a computer screen displaying many flashing patterns, MCC technology can determine which one the user is currently attending to. With the proper software, this can allow the user to effectively use the computer without any physical motion.

In this way the user can control his environment by activating computer-controlled functions such as switching on and off a light switch, changing channels on a television set or dialing a telephone.

The user can also interact with a computer for word-processing, typing, faxing, selecting icons, and operating any software application.

MCC technology is not limited to the visual domain. The same principles can be applied to sounds.


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